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One of the most satisfying aspects of our activities is the award of grants to a variety of social service, recreational, cultural and environmental groups serving the North Shore.

Community Grants


A portion of the investment income earned from the endowment funds entrusted to the Foundation is awarded annually on a discretionary basis in the form of various community grants. Community Grants go toward supporting a wide range of good causes; some grants must be awarded for women, seniors, for sports and recreation, arts and culture and so forth, according to the terms of the underlying endowment trust agreements.

Applications: We welcome applications for grants assistance from interested parties. These applications are reviewed by our Grants Committee which evaluates the projects and recommends those most worthy to our Board for approval.

Directed Trust Fund Accounts for Charities and
Directed trust

Charities and non-profit organizations with trust funds held by the Foundation can expect to receive their grant cheques by June 30th each year. In most instances, no formal application is required since the determination of how the funds will be applied is governed by an underlying agreement or by an independent board of trustees. The following funds fall into this ‘directed’ category:



North Vancouver District Public Library

North Vancouver Museum & Archives

St. Martin’s Church Fund

North Vancouver Community Arts Centre


North Shore Neighbourhood House

Capilano Golf Endowment Fund

  District of North Vancouver Community

  Heritage Grants Fund

  Evergreen House Music Fund


Fund for the Arts of the North Shore 

North shore community foundation's golf tournament
nscf golf

Each year the Foundation organizes a golf tournament, in collaboration with the mayors of the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver. A portion of the funds raised is given to a designated North Shore charity. Additionally, some of the funds raised each year also go towards augmenting the capital in the Mayors’ Community Trust Fund. This Fund was set up to assist emerging environmental and societal needs on the North Shore. Since its inception in 2008, the Tournament has raised over $1,200,000. 

Over the past sixteen year the NSCF Mayors Golf Tournament has support organizations making a difference across a range of areas, including health and wellbeing, senior services, mental wellness & recovery, safe housing and of course the impacts of Covid. 

For 2023 we are focused on steps to Reconciliation. Recognizing the importance of truth, healing and respect as part of true Reconciliation these grants are for Indigenous-involved initiatives across the North Shore supporting the youth of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They include local Every Child Matters memorial initiatives, National Day for Truth & Reconciliation/Orange Shirt Day programs, and collaborative youth engagement.

For those who are still interested in submitting Community grant applications, please click on the link below.


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