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past golf tournaments

The 12th Annual

North Shore Disability Resource Centre was the beneficiary of the first $50,000 raised at the 12th annual North Shore Community Foundation Mayors’ Golf Tournament. Funds raised will aid in the purchase and support of a mobile Snoezelen room. This mobile unit will provide therapeutic services to thousands of North Shore residents with autism, Alzheimer's and other conditions that benefit from multi-sensory technology.

The 11th Annual

Harvest Project was the beneficiary of the first $50,000 raised at the 11th annual North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament. Harvest Project serves the North Shore, extending a hand up to those in need, helping to restore health and stability benefits for the whole community. Their vision is to enlarge their work as a sustainable and compassionate presence for North Shore residents, by North Shore residents.  For more than 23 years, Harvest Project has been reaching those who are experiencing extreme challenges with family breakdowns, illness, job loss, and poverty. As a social enterprise, their programs provide individual client-coaching and active listening, provision of food, clothing support, assistance for workforce re-entry and food recovery and redistribution.

The 9th Annual

The North Shore Schizophrenia Society was the designated charity for the 9th Annual North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament. The first $50,000 raised through the tournament was donated to assist in addressing community issues through mental health education. This included peer-delivered family education and teacher training, Farsi speaking family education and a business and community education project.

The 8th Annual

North and West Vancouver Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association was the recipient of  $50,000 raised at our annual tournament to assist in the development of a Child and Youth Mental Health Centre which will provide rapid access to evidence based treatment and support for North Shore children and youth suffering from depression and anxiety.

The 7th Annual

Turning Point Recovery Society was the recipient of  $50,000 raised at our annual tournament to support their project of building a licensed addictions support recovery house for women on the North Shore. The house will provide live-in treatment and support recovery services for women with addiction issues, allowing 25 to 35 women per year to seek help within their community; close to family, friends and other support networks.

This project is a partnership with Turning Point, BC Housing, the District of North Vancouver and Vancouver Coastal Health. It addresses the need for residential addiction recovery services in all three North Shore municipalities and is aligned with the goals of the North Shore Homelessness Task Force’s Work Plan, the North Shore Substance Abuse Strategy and the North Shore Substance Abuse Working Group.

The 6th Annual

Hollyburn Family Services Society and their project Supporting Seniors to Remain Housed were the recipients of the first $50,000 of funds raised from this year’s Mayors’ Golf Tournament.

This new service will provide preventative programs and long term follows up supports to seniors at perpetual housing risk. The program will offer ongoing support through periodic home visits, case management, liaising with community services, volunteer programs, and Vancouver Coastal Health and monitoring risk factors to ensure that the seniors remain stably housed and well supported.  This includes seniors with complex needs related to health, mental health, addictions, elder abuse, and financial management.

The long term goal is the co-development of a process that increases client and community capacity to prevent evictions/homelessness among seniors.

The 5th Annual

North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament will assist in funding the Complementary Health and Wellness Clinic project of the North Shore Women’s Centre.  The $50,000 funding from the MGT will cover the 2-year start-up of the program. The Complementary Health and Wellness Clinic located in Lower Lonsdale would be the first of its kind in the community: an integrative health center providing a broad range of complementary health care services (e.g. acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, massage therapy, reflexology) with an educational and preventative focus, to support women living in poverty.  This project will assist those women in need of a health care plan that will help guide them through difficult transition periods.

The 4th Annual

North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament is pleased to announce that two designated charities: Silver Harbour Centre Society, operators of the Go Bus service in North Vancouver, and the West Vancouver Seniors Centre, operators of the Seniors Shuttle in West Vancouver, will share $50,000 for their immediate benefit. A total of $130,000 was raised from the sold-out event. The remainder of the net proceeds will go to the Mayors’ Community Trust Funds managed by the North Shore Community Foundation and the West Vancouver Community Foundation.  Income from the trust funds provides grants to a variety of community programs on the North Shore.

The 3rd Annual

North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament was sold out and raised $116,000. $50,000 went to Middle Childhood Matters (MCM) program. Coordinated by the North Shore Community Resource Centre, this project is a pro-active program that engages children 9-12 years old. The current program operates in eight schools and has been very successful. The funding will provide up to 2 years’ funding support for an additional 6 schools, and will enhance the lives of about 400 preteens who are too old for after-school care. They are often left to their own devices, as both parents are usually working, so Middle Childhood Matters provides after-school activities that direct their attention and energy in positive ways.

the 2nd annual

North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament, in 2009, was oversubscribed with 150 players and raised$108,000. $50,000 went to Hollyburn Family Services for two projects: bridge financing for the Youth Safe House and a pilot project called “A Pathway to Home”. This project brings together a variety of human resources to assist homeless people through the system, and into a safe and stable environment. The balance of the funds will go to the Mayor’s Community Trust Funds in the North Shore Community Foundation and the West Vancouver Community Foundation. Income generated from these funds will support high-priority social service projects on the North Shore.

the first annual

The North Shore Mayors’ Golf Tournament had its inaugural tournament in 2008. The event was a sell-out with 144 players enjoying fine weather and great playing conditions. In that first year, we raised $125,000. One-half of the funds – $62,500 – helped to create and staff an employment training kitchen at the Lookout Emergency Shelter, a local facility that provides overnight emergency shelter as well as transitional housing to homeless individuals. The other half created the “Mayors’ Community Trust Fund” with the North Shore Community Foundation. This fund supports social programs for North Shore residents, in perpetuity.

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